As some of you have noticed, the posts on this site have been slow in coming in the last few months and altogether stopped in the last few weeks. I have decided to put the site on a temporary hiatus for two main reasons. 1) I have directed a feature film that was shot over the last year and a half, and the editing process simply takes much more attention than I have been able to give to it while still prowling the streets all hours of the night with camera in hand.  2) I want to refocus the blog. I enjoyed posting random shots of what I was up to, but as some of you will have noticed there really wasn’t any kind of rhyme or reason to the images. I actually liked that aspect of the site. However, I want to come back to this blog with much more cohesive pieces with stories attached to them.  I would love a mix of street photography and edited video pieces that have some journalistic approach to them all the while still simply being an observer. I hope that this piece will serve as a template for the future of this blog. I recently shoot the protest in Washington DC and put together a short piece about it. I hope you enjoy it.

In the meantime, my book will still be available for order http://www.blurb.com/b/6831607-inner-circles-of-confusion-vol-1 and I will always be available via email at jwhalen@torasuproductions.com

I look forward to getting back to the blog as soon as possible!

-J. Whalen


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