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8 thoughts on “Huffy

  1. It’s a very pretty photo. The lines are mesmerising.

    • Thank you so much, beautiful. It’s very nice to hear, especially today. Got some really honest feedback about the blog. HAHA. XoXO!

      • What are you talking about? Who “really-honest-feedbacked” your blog (note that I’m using a noun as a verb on purpose). Wait, don’t answer, because I have a feeling it involves a leather harness and liquid latex.

      • Hahaha! Close. It was a Gimp Mask. It’s all good, really. The story would take a while to explain but it really just comes down to what I do vs. what others think it should be. I’m fine with it. On a better note I started selling post cards on the site and I got the proof for the book back, and it is awesome! Small, but awesome. Haha. The pics look exactly like I want them to.
        Hope you are well. Xoxo

      • Good luck with the postcard sales and the book. It’s good to know the book project is going well. Isn’t this the most fun blog on WordPress? I enjoy the stories hidden in the post titles as well as the scandalous, off topic comments. You’re brilliant, observant and very funny. xoxoxo

      • Hahaha. Why, thank you so much! I always enjoy reading your comments and of course checking out your work. Mad love. Xoxo

  2. I love the possibility this photo suggests!

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