8 thoughts on “Huffy

      1. What are you talking about? Who “really-honest-feedbacked” your blog (note that I’m using a noun as a verb on purpose). Wait, don’t answer, because I have a feeling it involves a leather harness and liquid latex.

      2. Hahaha! Close. It was a Gimp Mask. It’s all good, really. The story would take a while to explain but it really just comes down to what I do vs. what others think it should be. I’m fine with it. On a better note I started selling post cards on the site and I got the proof for the book back, and it is awesome! Small, but awesome. Haha. The pics look exactly like I want them to.
        Hope you are well. Xoxo

      3. Good luck with the postcard sales and the book. It’s good to know the book project is going well. Isn’t this the most fun blog on WordPress? I enjoy the stories hidden in the post titles as well as the scandalous, off topic comments. You’re brilliant, observant and very funny. xoxoxo

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