Through My Looking Glass


9 thoughts on “Through My Looking Glass

      1. You gave me such a fright right now. Always adding intrigue and mystery to everything you do. (Whips out passport, calls travel agent). Do you think they’ll throw me out if I walk in wearing 5″ stilettos?

      2. Haha! Not at all, and if they did we could just catch a flick across the street. There’s a great theater there. XoXO. I’ve got some interesting stories about when I worked for them (FBI) on a few videos.

      3. (Mouth drops open). You’re super awesome. Now I must go and work at Quantico. I will demand some J M Whalen demonstration videos, featuring J M Whalen. The requirements are above top secret. Ha ha ha

      4. I had a big belly laugh in my office just now. I can’t seem to faze you, no matter how hard I try. You have nerves of steel, President Whalen.

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