Study Break


12 thoughts on “Study Break

  1. I am really into the storefront design. And the monochrome treatment is gorgeous. It looks like the set of a classic film. I was watching M last night, the German film about the serial killer. This reminds me so much of it, without the “student.” Hope you’re well.

    1. After your kind words? I’m doing amazing! Thank you so much! It’s crazy that you mention ‘M’ because when I was treating the image it reminded me of ‘The Passion of Joan of Arc’ from 1928, made just a couple of years before. Now if I can just find a director to let me shoot in that kind of Black and White…haha. Hope YOU are well! Xo

      1. Thanks so much, Michael. I’m doing great. I see we are on the same wavelength. I love whan that happens. I don’t think you should wait to make a short film. You have plenty of people around who’d be willing to appear in it for you. I’m waiting for the pre screening party. xoxoxo

      2. Haha! Yeah…It’s hard for me to talk about myself. Thanks for checking it out! I replaced the guy in the purple shirt after we shot the teaser due to schedule conflicts but everyone else is in the film. I only have a couple scenes left to film and then it’s done! XoXo.

      3. I’m proud of you and I admire your modesty. Best of luck with the ongoing filming. I watched the Big Shutdown book trailer, as well. Very cool. You’re supertalented, which I knew, of course. You’ll breeze through that silent film, I’m sure of it. Warmest hugs. xo

      4. Thank you so much. I’m turning red. Haha. The trailer is for my dads latest book. I thought I’d do a little something for him.
        I’ll dedicate the silent short to you. Promise. Much love! Xoxo

      5. It really is amazing, and to think that it was all done with hand-cranked cameras and no video assist is almost impossible to believe these days. haha. XoXo

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