Study Break

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12 thoughts on “Study Break

  1. I am really into the storefront design. And the monochrome treatment is gorgeous. It looks like the set of a classic film. I was watching M last night, the German film about the serial killer. This reminds me so much of it, without the “student.” Hope you’re well.

    • After your kind words? I’m doing amazing! Thank you so much! It’s crazy that you mention ‘M’ because when I was treating the image it reminded me of ‘The Passion of Joan of Arc’ from 1928, made just a couple of years before. Now if I can just find a director to let me shoot in that kind of Black and White…haha. Hope YOU are well! Xo

      • Thanks so much, Michael. I’m doing great. I see we are on the same wavelength. I love whan that happens. I don’t think you should wait to make a short film. You have plenty of people around who’d be willing to appear in it for you. I’m waiting for the pre screening party. xoxoxo

      • Very true! I think once I wrap production on my current film I’ll jump into that. Here’s the teaser.

      • Way to bury the lead, Michael!!!! I’m watching it at the moment. Great quality. OMG. “Why don’t you grow some [bawls].” Gawwd. xox

      • Haha! Yeah…It’s hard for me to talk about myself. Thanks for checking it out! I replaced the guy in the purple shirt after we shot the teaser due to schedule conflicts but everyone else is in the film. I only have a couple scenes left to film and then it’s done! XoXo.

      • I’m proud of you and I admire your modesty. Best of luck with the ongoing filming. I watched the Big Shutdown book trailer, as well. Very cool. You’re supertalented, which I knew, of course. You’ll breeze through that silent film, I’m sure of it. Warmest hugs. xo

      • Thank you so much. I’m turning red. Haha. The trailer is for my dads latest book. I thought I’d do a little something for him.
        I’ll dedicate the silent short to you. Promise. Much love! Xoxo

      • ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

      • PS… I have seen the Passion of Joan of Arc. Awesome film, naturally.

      • It really is amazing, and to think that it was all done with hand-cranked cameras and no video assist is almost impossible to believe these days. haha. XoXo

      • Exactly. That took talent and gumption. x

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