Top 4

Breaking with tradition I’m going to take some time and write a little bit as opposed to just posting another image with hopefully a somewhat create title. The image for today is a compilation of the 4 most viewed pictures I’ve posted over the last year. I started this blog exactly one year ago today and have posted an image every single day around midnight. In all honestly I’m not sure as to why I started it, or even why I continued it. It was something that I felt compelled to do. Perhaps it was a way to get back to days where I had nothing but time? Perhaps it was a way to focus on things I normally would not notice, though many people who know me have commented that I tend to do that anyway.  haha. In any case I think this blog is a lot like telling someone that you are in love with, that you love them. It just should happen without thinking.


8 thoughts on “Top 4

      1. You are too kind! Thank you! Likewise! I’m sorry, I thought I was following you before, but looks like I wasn’t. That has been fixed!

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