Working a Deal


5 thoughts on “Working a Deal

    1. Picture Man DC is a local artist who renders in pencil. His work is really something to see. On that night he was trying to sell one of his pieces for $75 to a woman who wanted to buy it, but as you can imagine, she didn’t have the cash on her. She tried to get him to budge on the price but he wouldn’t. They eventually agreed to meet the next morning where she would pay full price. Not sure if they ever met but it was a funny little exchange.

      1. Wow that is not at all how I interpreted this! Thanks for the explanation. I looked up Picture Man DC to find his work and I can’t find anything on the net so far.

      2. I believe he might be homeless. He has no phone and tells people where he’ll be the following day if they want to find him.

        A lot of people think it’s a prostitution transaction when they first see it.

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